about the OWNER

Minal Mehta is a licensed esthetician with 15 years of experience in her field who has honed and cultivated her skills that make clients keep coming back for more. With great attention to detail, Minal is a highly sought after esthetician that specializes in herbal treatments that come straight from India. Out of all  the things out here that help better our skin, Minal recognized that going back to her roots was what was most effective, everyone's skin is different. However, Minal has found a way to customize treatments to work for each individual client. She has a long list of loyal client that are now considered family. This personal connection is what clients can expect when visiting Dreamscape  Spa. Because of Minal’s personal touch and various areas of expertise, her brand has grown speedily. Her move out of NYC salons and into a more private spa are due to the demand of her audience. When visiting Dreamscape  Spa you can expect everything from specialized treatments, and waxing, to relaxing facials and henna tattoos. Minal also provides services for brides and their bridal parties. Be sure to check out the services page and become more acquainted with her exclusive services.